About Us


The International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport is a research and educational organization. Its purpose is to support, encourage and provide assistance to those seeking to initiate and strengthen research and teaching programs in comparative physical education and sport throughout the world. Specifically, ISCPES distributes research findings and information; supports and co-operates with local, national and international organizations having similar goals; organizes and arranges meetings bringing together people from around the world working in comparative physical education and sport and issues publications. The scope of the Society’s academic mandate is affected by member’s interests and research needs. Members are primarily drawn from all sub-disciplines of sport science with an interest in cross-cultural and international issues.

The Society defines comparative study as investigation into and comparison of two or more units (countries, cultures, ideologies, regions, states, systems, institutions, populations). Most often this will involve different geographical settings. Examples of phenomena to be compared include: school systems including elements of physical education and sport models in a macro or micro context. Such phenomena are universal, but cross-culturally and cross nationally they differ in focus and substance. Comparative analyses involve those directing and initiating research which explore the suitability of new elements from other cultures for inclusion in their programs. Besides the comparative dimension, the Society promotes the examination of issues related to studies of countries, education for internationalism and development assistance in its research and teaching dimensions.