Quarterly News

15 December 2008

Dear ISCPES Members and Friends,
The Executive Board recognizes the importance of communication with members and those who have a special interest in the activities of the International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport (ISCPES). The purpose of the Quarterly News is to keep you informed of the Society’s activities. It includes information on the scholarly works in comparative physical education and sport throughout the world, upcoming events, and general information. Quarterly News will be delivered via electronic means around every 15th of January, April, July and October. If you have suggestions, comments or feedback, please write and let us know. Remember, as ISCPES members this is your Society. It is our hope that the contents of each Quarterly News will inform, inspire, and remind you of the passion for learning and knowing that is the foundation of the ISCPES.

1. Regional Conference and 17th ISCPES
The ISCPES Regional Congress in 2009 was awarded to Vancouver in the late of June (University of British Columbia / Vancouver College).
The Executive Board had mad a decision that the 17th Biennial Conference of ISCPES in 2010 would be hold in Kenya (Africa).

2. The 16th Biennial Conference of ISCPES 2008 Proceeding Reviewing Board Meeting
The reviewing Board had met in the 7th of December to 11th of December in Beijing.
The papers will then distributed to all reviewers for further reviewing and comments. The end of January in 2009 is the deadline of reviewing period.

16th Biennial Conference of ISCPES 2008 Conference Proceeding – Review Board and Members

 Number  Name  Institute  Remarks
 1.  Prof. Ren Hai  Beijing Sport University  Chair
 2.  Dr. Walter King Yan Ho  University of Macau  Secretary
 2.  Prof. Rosa Lopez de D’Amico  Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libertador  Member
 3.  Prof Lateef Oluwole AMUSA  Director: Centre for Biokinetics, Recreation and Sports Science, University of Venda  Member
 4.  Prof. Abel Lamina TORIOLA  Head, Department of Sport, Rehabilitation and Dental Sciences, Tshwane, University of Technology  Member
 5.  Dr. Bob Chappell  Rockhampton University  Member
 6.  Prof. Scott Martyn  Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Windsor  Member
 7.  Prof. Hung-Liang CHANG  Head, Department of Physical Education, Fu Jen Catholic University  Member
 8.  Dr. Claus Krieger  University of Kiel  Member
 9.  Prof. Wendi Meng  Beijing Sport University  Member

3. The Proceeding and CD series
The Proceeding Reviewing Board had made the decision of the reviewing progress and the schedule. The proceeding book would be printed in the April of 2009 and so as the CD series. The amount of proceeding is 1000. 500 for organizer, 150 for the society selling, 150 for UMAC, 150 for Ren Hei and 50 for all members.

TProceeding Books will be printed out into 3 types which are 2 in English and 1 is Chinese. The name of 2 Proceeding English Versions are: Global Perception or Global Perspective (General Title) --- 1. Sport education, teaching of PE and curriculum studies (sub title) and 2. Globalization, Sport management and traditions(sub title); the Chinese one is體育與運動新紀元

Quarterly News #1 – 2008
Prepared by Dr. Walter Ho (President ISCPES)
Date: 15 August 2008